slno Department Name of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator Name of the Funding agency Type (Government/Non-Government) Year Funds sanctioned (INR in lakhs) Duration of the project
1 Chemistry Unconventional Structure Guiding Non-Covalent Contacts in Metal-organic Compounds: An Unexplored Zone of Inorganic Crystal Engineering Manjit Kumar Bhattacharyya Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) Government 2023 22,86,970/- Three years
2 Chemistry Chemodynamic Immunotherapy: Employing ROS generating nanoparticles as immunomodulators to reprogram tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) for cancer therapy Dr. Bhabatosh Banik Department of Science (DST), India Government 2022 Rs. 34,75,560 3 years
3 Chemistry Designing Platinum(IV)-based combination therapeutics by conjugating glycolysis inhibitors to Cisplatin Dr. Bhabatosh Banik UGC-DAE Government 2022 Rs. 1,35,000 3 years
4 Chemistry Purely Organic Molecular Container Based On Redox Active Expanded Porphyrin Tridib Sarma SERB (DST) Government 2022 3252379 2 years
5 Chemistry In-House Research Grant Tridib Sarma Cotton University In House 2022 100000 1 year
6 Chemistry Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Biomimetic Vanadium Complexes involving N and O-donor Ligands Dr. Anshuman Gogoi In House 2022 100000 1 Year
7 Chemistry Synthesis, structural studies and anticancer evaluation of coordination compounds of transition metals Manjit Kumar Bhattacharyya Assam Science Technology and Environmental Council (ASTEC) Government 2022 7,60,000/- Three years
8 Chemistry The missing link in gold nanocluster research: systematic study on the role of ligands in gold nanocluster luminescence Dr. Apurba Kr Barman DST Government 2020 36.124 3 years
9 Chemistry Milk quality assessment, with special emphasis on melamine in Guwahati and neighboring areas and development of a colorimetric detection system for melamine Dr. Akashi Baruah DST Women Scientist Government 2019 11.7847 3 years
10 Chemistry Molecular dynamics simulation technique to understand structural and functional changes during processing of food proteins Dr. Gargi Borgohain DST, Govt. Of India Government 2018 35.00 5 years
11 Chemistry Theoretical studies on metal free activation of small unreactive molecules Dr. Ankur Kanti Guha SERB Government 2017 28.85 3 years
12 Chemistry Electrochemical and photophysical studies of singlet fission materials based on indigo derivatives Dr. Abdul Wahab SERB Government 2017 41.052 3 years and 3 m
13 Chemistry Isolation and characterization of potent anti-fertility compounds obtained from a few folklore medicinal plants of North east India and study of their mode of action Dr. Mausumi Ganguly DBT Government 2017 49.01 3 years
14 Chemistry Stimuli-responsive nano-constructs for targeted delivery, site-selective release and activation of combination drugs Dr. Bhabatosh Banik Department of Science (DST), India (under DST-INSPIRE Faculty Scheme) Government 2017 35,00,000 5 years
15 Chemistry Synthesis, structural investigations and applications of transition metal supramolecular Co-ordination solids involving N- and O- donor ligands Manjit Kumar Bhattacharyya University Grants Commission (UGC) Government 2013 10,13,300/- Three years