About Chemistry Department

Year of establishment : 1901
Location : Chemistry Department Complex
E mail : chem.ccg@rediffmail.com


The Department of Chemistry, Cotton University (earstwhile Cotton College) was among the first few departments those were started in the year 1901. Since its inception, this department has been functioning from the original 115 years old first building of Cotton College. In order to cater the need of increasing number of students, in 2001 an additional building was constructed by the side of the old building, which was named Harish Chandra Goswami Bhawan. The B.Sc. Honours (now called ‘Major’) Course in Chemistry was introduced in 1913-14 under Calcutta University. The Post-Graduate Course in the department under Gauhati University was started in 1974. The Laboratories of the department have been recognized by Gauhati University for carrying out Ph.D. research in 1998. Chemistry department received financial assistance from the DST, Govt. of India under its ‘Fund for Infrastructure Development in Science & Technology in Universities & Higher Educational Institutions (FIST)’ programme. The department has also been receiving fund from the UGC since 2008-09 under the scheme ‘Basic Scientific Research (BSR)’.