Dr. Abdul Wahab

Ph.D. :NEIST Jorhat

Research Interests:

Photophysics, electrochemistry, photovoltaics

Email: awahab7[AT]gmail.com
Joined the University in 13-October-2015.

Abdul Wahab did his MSc in Chemistry from Dibrugarh University and PhD (supervisor: Dr. S. Mahiuddin) from RRL Jorhat. He did his first postdoc (2005-2007) with Prof. P K Das at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and second postdoc (2008-2013) with Prof. Josef Michl at his Prague Lab (J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry). He served University of Science & Technology Meghalaya for two year as Head of the Department of Chemistry. He visited Institute of Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry, Prague as visiting scientist in 2015. He then joined the erstwhile Cotton College State University asassistant professor in 2015. Now he is trying to establish an independent research lab.