Chemistry department regularly organizes workshops, guest lectures, scientific talks etc. Since 2006, it has organized two National level Workshops, one on 'Computers in Chemistry', sponsored by UGC and another on 'Green Chemistry', sponsored by DST. The department has been organizing a series of Memorial Lecture annually since 2005 in memory of Late Soumendralal Mukherjee, an eminent Scientist. Since the year 2005, Prof. Jadulal Mukherjee Memorial Awards, in memory of Late Prof. Jadulal Mukherjee, former Head of the Department, have been conferred on the students who secure highest marks in Chemistry in HS (Final) examination and 1st rank in Chemistry (Major) in TDC (Part-III) examination among the students of Cotton College. The Department under the banner of the 'Cotton College Chemical Society' publishes an annual magazine entitled 'Molecule', and regularly organizes seminars, workshops, quiz competitions, exhibitions & other science popularization programme. The Society has also released an educational CD 'The Magic World of Chemistry'. Recently, Chemistry department has formed an Alumni Association comprising of the past and present students and faculty members. The department also brings out its wall magazine named "The Clarion" annually. The department celebrated the 'International year of Chemistry 2011' by organizing a National Seminar on 'Frontier Area of research in Chemistry'. On this occassion, the department also conducted an essay & poster competition.